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Genuine Whitby Jet


Visit the Genuine Whitby Jet Shop, located in Church Street on the East Side in Whitby, the historic and famous fishing port, North Yorkshire.

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Kevin Dixon
01947 825573
105 Church Street
North Yorkshire
YO22 4DE logo
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More about Genuine Whitby Jet

The Genuine Whitby  Jet Shop in Whitby is well worth a visit and offers you the finest of hand crafted jet jewellery and figurines. Reputed to be one of the best jet carvers in Whitby, Kevin Dixon (who comes from a long line of jet carvers) actually collects the jet and chooses to work with the best quality.

Kevin’s carvings and attention to detail are exquisite and if you visit the Shop in Church Street (across the white Victorian Swing Bridge, in the Old Town known as the East Side and not far from the famous 199 Whitby steps, near to Whitby Abbey). You can sometimes actually watch Kevin hand-carving with care many items such as crosses, bats, skulls and many small figurines as well as creating beautiful and genuine Whitby Jet Jewellery.

  • Wonderful, high quality hand-crafted Whitby Jet Jewellery
  • Excellent hand-carved Whitby Jet Figurines
  • Gothic items such as skulls, bats, crosses and more (excellent for the Goth Weekends)
  • Located in Whitby’s quaint Church Street, close to Whitby Abbey and the famous 199 steps
  • Watch the Jet Carver as he creates new pieces of Whitby Jet Jewellery and Figurines etc.


Map showing the location of Genuine Whitby Jet


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